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How To Make A Six Figures Income

so if you want to make six figures you can’t just be talking about you want to make six figures you hear what I’m telling you tonight if you do the three things I tell you to do
tonight I guarantee whatever it is you want to do in life you’ll be able to do you won’t be able to accomplish whatever you want to academically financially, relationally whatever so three things all right imma take this story I got to get out of here and the story is about
you guys have probably heard about this before it was a it was a young man who
you know he wanted to make a lot of money and so he went to this guru right
he told the Guru you know I want to be on the same level you are and so the
Guru said if you want to be on the same
level I’m all I’ll meet you tomorrow at
the beach at 4:00 a.m. he liked the
beach I said I wanna make money I don’t
want to swim guru said if you want to
make money I’ll meet you tomorrow 4:00
a.m. so the young man got there 4:00
a.m. he all ready to rock and roll got
on the soon shit wore shorts the old man
grabs his hand said I’m bad you wanted
success he said we’re back he said walk
going out in the water so he walks out
into the water watch this when he walks
out to the water it goes way steep so
you like this guy preys on a dream like
I wanna make money he got guy in
swimming I didn’t ask to be a lifeguard
I want to make money he got me so he
said come on a little farther walk I
look fun then he had it right around
this area
it’s toga area so this old man crazy
making money but he crazy say come on a
little further Kay my little brother was
right his mouth my man like I’m bout to
go back in here this god is mine but oh
man I thought you said you wanted to be
successful he said I do he said walk a
little further
he came dropping his head in held him
down hold him down
my man getting scratching holding him
down I got you I know you brushed it out
but I got you you had you held down I
need you for illustration he had him
held down just before my man was about
to pass out he raised him up he said I
got a question for it if somebody asks
me a question for me he said when you
were under water what do you want to do
Lee I’m looking for a different worth of
it what’s that were said I wanted to
breathe he told the guy he said when you
want to succeed as bad as you want to
breathe then you’ll be successful I know
how many are got asthma here today but
if you ever had an asthma attack before
you sure to breath and so be shortness
of breath you wheezing the only thing
you trying to do is get some air your
game on the basketball game he’ll get
what’s on TV you’ll get like nobody call
to you you don’t care about a party the
only thing you care about when you’re
trying to breathe is to get some fresh
air that’s it and when you get to the
point where all you want to do is be
successful as bad as you want to breathe
then you’ll be successful and I’m here
to tell you
that most of you say you want to be
successful but you don’t want it bad you
just kind of want it you don’t want it
badder than you want a party you don’t
want it as much as you want to be cool
you most of you don’t want success as
much as you want to sleep somebody loves
sleep more than you love success and I’m
here to tell you today if you’re going
to be successful you gotta be willing to
give up sleep
you got you
wanna be successful something you have
to stay up reading the world
you might miss the opportunity can be
successful that’s how bad you gotta work
you gotta go days not listen to me you
gotta want to be successful so bad that
you forget to eat
yeah I said what she’s gonna set your
the thing three days had gone by she
forgot she didn’t eat and she was
I never forget I went 50 cent was doing
this movie I little of research on fifty
and fifty said that
you sleep sleep he says sleep sweetness
to those people who are cold
I said I got an opportunity like a dream
becoming reality
football players how many football
players 19 I like football in here raise
your hand here I like football
Emmitt Smith I used to be a cowboy fan
before they did my boy Tom Landry wrong
I used to be a cowboy fan and I said
there was a commercial Emmitt Smith had
won his first Super Bowl he had this
commercial when he was lifting weights I
love you saw the commercial he was
lifting and he said he said he said you
know what I I won the Super Bowl so I
can rest now yeah you do doing this
bench press play said I wanna see bones
rocking rest night so he throws her
about 325 room and he rest for about two
you see that he’d already wanted to
parties I think I’m gonna take a rest
and here s my how long one second most
of you won’t be successful because when
you’re studying and you get tired you
quit I’m here to tell you today if you
got it somebody came to my office the
other day crying I said look don’t cry
to give up cry to keep going don’t cry
to quit you already in pain you already
hurt get a reward from it don’t go to
sleep until you 16 listen to me I’m here
to tell you today that you can come here
you can jump up you can do flips you can
be excited when we give away money but
listen to me you’ll never be successful
in so I’ll have to give you a dime to do
what you do you won’t be successful
until you say I need that money cuz I
gotta get here but listen to me Emma
Smith said this at the end of the
commercial if Miss Smith said all men
are created equal some work harder and
free season I’m I said again because you
might have missed me all men are created
equal some work harder and preseason
so that means that there are some people
who are going to see the professor going
to see the TA and even when the
professor says I don’t meet with you my
ta meet with you you say I want to talk
to your TA I don’t pay the TA I pay you
to teach me so you have to find some
time to meet me if I gotta meet you at
the mall if I gotta meet you at you’re
out you are going to see me listen to me
all men are created equal some work
harder preseason when I’m with the
college guys way smarter than me 4.0 3.0
they went to the IU League I schools
came to Oakland from these great high
school most of them are not doing what
I’m doing why cuz it’s not about where
you come from it’s about heart you come
to a place where either being smarting
enough you gotta have heart that’s
number one what’s number two number two
– number two I wrote it down I want to
make sure you got it
this is – these watch this Buster’s
we’re talking about sacrifice now the
important thing is this right where I’m
sitting I only have about three more
minutes listen to me the most important
thing is this
to sacrifice what you are for what you
will become
that’s number two thing you got against
that one to be able to listen to me at
any moment some of you you can make
sacrifices when Monday Night Football is
not on you can make a sacrifice but when
the game come on for some reason you
just attach to it
for some of you when your favorite show
come on you eat the meat you can make
sacrifices on Sunday not going on baby
show me to the bone
I’m gonna die
I’m saving the day
and there’s some of you if you give up
your cell phone you would be successful
but your cell phone is more important to
you than your success I’m gonna say it
again I’m gonna hurt somebody I’m gonna
hurt somebody some of you need to give
up your cell phone because the time you
spend on your cell phone could be used
for your success the time you could be
using to be successful you’re using on
the cell and the cell phone is not
bringing you nothing but a bill and
somebody has told you you couldn’t live
without it
I’m not going deep not giving up stuff
watch what it says to be able at any
moment to sacrifice what we are for
where we can be I don’t do well in math
you’re right clay never studied I’m not
good at writing cuz you ain’t never
written before but I dare you to fail to
write for a whole year to see anything
into the
I dare you to fail I dare you take that
same class over no guys I gave you stop
dropping classes like you saw always
wanna give up I’m dropping why you drop
it I’m so grateful that the slaves
didn’t drop and quit say I’m just don’t
stop I’m a slave I’m just gonna be a
imma quit listen to me the swingset we
will live because one day we will be
come with me slaves so today on the
relays we don’t act like we free in one
day our children will be free if the
slaves will just say we quit we give up
we would have died in the Middle Passage
but some slave said I don’t care what we
go through we’re gonna survive this 400
years of slavery we’re gonna get through
this and you can’t get through 1825 you
can’t get through a writing class and
you got tuna after tuna resource after
resource the problem is you ain’t never
felt no pain before your salt it’s a
salt generation you quit on everything
our people did not quit Harriet Tubman
not only made it she went back and got
some more
she said you know what I made it but I’m
gonna walk all listen to me not ride the
i’ma walk all the way back down to the
south to get some more and you’re
quitting on 1825 now watch this you’ll
quit after you listen to me you get a
sleeping bag and you wait for you wait
for the first WIA instructor to come in
and come on just back I need help
you quit after you do that
you quit after you had listened to me us
a WI party
I’m never the boy everybody come over I
got food ethic and let him get over
there let it be all the best riders I a
mu job I won’t have a riding Park
I’m serious you quit then you ain’t even
try yet last one I’m sorry last one
listen to me pain is temporary it may
last for a minute
or an hour or a day or even a year
but eventually it will subside and
something else will take its place in my
quit however
last laugh
I’m telling you as I leave I was
homeless but you never felt okay before
your spoiler got spoiled some of y’all
sports bottom line your pants have done
everything for you they never had to
connect when you shoved your spoiler we
don’t keep it really nice some of your
spoiled brats every time you ever got in
trouble somebody you’re out
that’s right up
every time you got something you not
promoting new people saying your
mother’s a tyrant you right she kicked
me out you’re right she meeting but she
developed a man because she fucked me I
can said you’re going after war and
someone you have never learned and go on
and so every time some here are too
quick we call mama i daddy’s a terrible
I get you not to go home
somebody said I can go home I feel bad
control it you ain’t gonna die at the
end of pain and success you’re not gonna
die because you feel a little pain I’m
not eating like I eat at home that’s why
you’re about to go to the next level if
you keep eat like you ate at home you’ll
keep being a boy or a girl it’s time to
become a woman so don’t don’t worry
about a little pay my greatest asset is
I was homeless so I can’t feel a whole
lot of pain
I’ve already been alone it’s not a whole
lot it’s like not a whole lot of hurt I
can feel on a little paper on a little
chest so I leave you I leave you listen
to me
we have gotten to a point where it’s
midterms and we moving forward the days
of you getting money I’m not saying we
quitting but I’m saying today it’s got
to go from external to internal you have
to give it everything you’ve got
no more TV no more parties no more
playing if you have a 4.0 what you need
to be doing to study get off the phone
I’m sorry I’m not available into the end
of this year
not for it you reached the right number
but you call me at the wrong time
call me back January 1st
I’m about to get busy night huh
I want you to have a countdown of your
own and say when the countdown is over
where the real watch me is when I was
homeless I guess I was wrong
I knew that wasn’t the best thing and
one day I said well the real here Thomas
please stand up what a real Eric Thomas
please stand up stop being this high
speed drop out
stop giving up stop sweeping the streets
that walking up and down legal Avenue
like you ain’t got nut and get your GED
stop being afraid to take a chance stop
being afraid to throw the cops cuz your
daddy didn’t go and your mama didn’t go
stop being afraid and be the best Eric
Thomas you can be but listen to this
what we are it’s a new 12 years get a
four-year degree if I got it
guess what on a degree they don’t have
dates so if it took you 14 took me 12
they don’t show up nowhere
I’m exactly where I wanted to meet
I gotta complete my very
ha ha
and until you get there we’ll never be
once you get there I guarantee you the
world is yours so work hard and you can
have whatever it is you want thank you
guys for your time

Don’t cry to give up. Cry to keep going. Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, or an hour, or even a year. But eventually it will subside. And something else will takes its place. If you quit however it will last forever.

"Stop chasing your dreams. Start building them." Don't worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the worlds needs is people who have come alive. Can't wait to drive my own Model S P100D.
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