How Laziness and Procrastination Will Slowly Kill Your Dreams

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Procrastination is an annoying habit we are all familiar with. Putting off the task at hand to the very last moment. The biggest problem with procrastination is that there is no instant problem with it. And in the end it always seems to work out. And if it doesn’t, we can just try again right?

Then there is also laziness. Our biological inclination to do the minimum amount of effort necessary. Or, not doing anything at all when it’s not really necessary.

But while procrastination and laziness don’t threaten your survival, they do kill your dreams and ambition over time. And isn’t that what you really want, to live your ambition and experience your dreams?

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Owen Cook and the Truth About Laziness

In this narrative video co-founder of Real Social Dynamics Owen Cook breaks down the addiction and effects of laziness. Typically, if you want to cheat the system, swindle, scam or aim for freebies it won’t work out for you. Maybe for the short-term gain, but not for the better. It completely stops the process of becoming a mature adult.

At current times, we live in one of the most affluent societies ever. Or you might believe we live in a time of recession. Either way, it’s still better that it’s almost ever been. If you can’t find a way to succeed now in this situation you just fucking suck. You are a fucking loser.

And yet the majority of us doesn’t have the ability to climb up because of laziness and take the easy way out.

The desire to be lazy ruins peoples’ lives. – Owen Cook

The Penalty of Laziness

The reason why you as a lazy person won’t win is that you have to lie to yourself to preserve the behavior. Fundamentally, laziness is an addiction to this chilled out state where you don’t have to think hard and do shit. This attitude can become so severe that you get handicapped by laziness. Now you want and actually rely on free hand outs.

As a person, if you don’t want to put in the work necessary to be successful you’ll create bizarre stories about how people are holding you back. You rationalize to yourself, over and over again, why you cannot move forward. All in the name of laziness and to preserve your behavior.

Laziness will convince you that you are too tired to do what you want to do and that it actually does not even appeal to you. When you rationalize yourself into laziness you are gone. You’ve become so addicted to laziness and you’re not coming from reality. You lie to yourself to perpetuate the state to stay in that chilled out emotion.

However, we do have this fascinating biological inclination. Human beings are hard wired through evolution with the desire to minimize time and effort, but maximize the value they get in return. While this benefits you a great deal in your survival and staying alive it cripples your long term goals and aspirations, if not used properly.

Have a Realistic Perspective and Build Things Up

In life there is generally are right way to do things and a wrong way to do things. If you want to get jacked, you can either take steroids, mess up your body hormones and get ripped as fuck. Or you do it the slow way and hard way that actually build a body that responds to what you want it to do.

Anything you want to do you can do. But you’ve got to be patient and like the small victories in between. You cannot pussy about it whose brain is all over the place and too unfocussed wanting it all right away.

Real happiness is who you become as a person. The values you embody and the pride that comes from that. To have the rational ability to think for yourself and have a clear state of mind.

You will experience real happiness instead of a delusional happiness. But you’ve got to step up. Do know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And to be successful you have to have a more focused set of behaviors. It’s walking a more narrow road than most people

Experiencing real happiness is a lot of fun, because it comes from something that is legit.

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