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Approach anxiety is a tenacious plague among men. It might be even called a disease, as a lot of men succumb and perish because if it. Complete bachelor lives are being destroyed. Simply because men are crippled by this feeling and cannot pass the fear.

Luckily there is the PUA community and guys like Valentino Kohen who devote their lives to the game to help men get out of their comfort zone and conquer their fear.

Check out his instagram for inspiring quotes, tips and more.

Approach Anxiety..

The average man finds it extremely difficult to go up and talk to a random lady. Not knowing what to say is one thing. But there’s also this eerie feeling that somehow hold complete power over you and make you not go up and talk to the girl.

While this feeling is legitimate because we are hard wired for it, remember.. it still just a feeling. A men overcome their feelings. Here’s how.

..And What To Do About It

Valentino Kohen says you are experiencing approach anxiety because you have an agenda. You want to “get” the girl. There a time and place for that and it’s mostly not right of the bat.

What you want to do is stop approaching and start opening coverstation.

Start a conversation with two objectives in the back of your mind.

  1. Explore The Interaction

You want to find out who she is and what she is about. What is it like to talk to her and if you both can vibe with each other. That’s chemistry. Don’t care so much about her looks and beauty. There are thousand of pretty ladies out there. Don’t worry about that.

  1. Make It Silly and Ridicules

You want to have fun. Girls just want to have fun remember. And you too. I’m not kidding. From a practical stand point this will make you loose and makes the conversation lighthearted. This makes it easy for her to meet you without any pressure.

Take Action, Have Fun and Laugh Your Ass Off

Please don’t be a theory junkie and mental masturbate on all the content on how to pick up women. Get our there and start talking to women. That’s how you progress and how you meet the woman of your dreams.

If you get stuck in your head, here are a few lines to open up a conversation.

Openers To GO
  1. Would you eat a bottle of lemons for $45.000,- dollars?
  2. What do you like more ketchup or water?
  3. Have you ever talked to a flamingo?
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