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Running is one of the most dreaded activities when I comes to getting back in shape and taking care of your health. And that’s no surprise with today’s sedentary and quite docile lifestyle.

The fact remains that our bodies are designed to walk and run. Can’t deny that. And running, yes, it is boring. And yes, it takes a lot of effort to do it. But it’s called endurance training for a reason. You’ve got to endure it all the way to the end.

I’m one of those people who detests running so much it’s getting near to pure hate. I just see no point in it. You are literally running around in circles. However, action will remove the doubt that theory cannot solve.

Have You Decided to Put On Your Running Shoes?

I’ve been training for a couple weeks now. And to be honest, I catch myself looking forward to get back to running. How I got started? Well, I set a goal and came to the conclusion that running was part of the deal.

What you are to be you are now becoming. So I looked up a training program to my liking and embraced the horror coming with it. Then at some point results start to show, because that’s what happens when you stick with it.

And once you see results you get hooked. It’s the beauty of positive reinforcement. Exerting energy actually energizes. You feel more alive, stronger and your energy tank increases. But the part about pushing yourself..

There is this little voice in your head that screams and demands that you quit. It’s reason that comes up with endless creative excuses that make you stop. Running will silence that voice. And it’s something that will spill over to other area’s in your life.

Distance Progression

Running is tough. It’s an ongoing barrage of shocks to your whole body. But you are build for it. If you’ve decided to get to running go about it in a smart way. You don’t want to over train yourself because you start out with extreme enthusiasm.

Your bones can handle only 10% more stress than the previous week

If you’re not going pro, your maximum distance progression should not exceed a 10% increase to the previous week. And if possible, consider doing 30% of your training onf unstable terrain.

I started out with a 12 minute run to establish a baseline, of which I walked more than ran. It doesn’t matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch!

Running Shoes

I never cared about running shoes, since they don’t prevent running injuries.
But I must say.. having bought these shoes make running feel like floating, and fun even.

When you’re ready put on some running shoes, go to the park or hit the gym and get it over with.

Nike Revolution 3 Running Shoe

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