15 Minute Abdominal Assault for Summer Six Pack Vol.3

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This is how you get a six pack and burn fat fast. A 15 minute workout with Brandon Carder. It’s intense. It’s not fun. But you can do it at home and you’ll get your six pack in return.

Welcome to Abdominal Assault Vol. 3

Get ready for 3 rounds of the best simple ab exercises, hitting it from every angel. If it was easy, everybody would do it. When you are about to quit, remember, this is not abdominal peace time. This is a 15 minute war with your belly fat.

This is abdominal assault.

Now get to work and get it over with.


Each exercise counts 20 seconds with 20 seconds rest in between.

In round 2, your rest position is Plank
In round 3, your rest position is Mountain Climbers

If you do it right you’ll be covered in sweat and your abs will be on fire.

  1. Leg Lift to Toe Touches
  2. Hip Raises
  3. Side to Side Toe Touches
  4. Iron Butterflies
  5. Rotating Crunches
  6. Rotating Crunches Opposite Direction

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