The Price of Ambition

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Look, mediocre is the norm. And living an average life is okey. There is nothing wrong with that. Many brave men have given their lives to secure the highest standard of living possible in history.

But some of us cannot help but to listen to that inner voice inside. That fire in the belly that yearns for adventure and discovery. Pushing the envelope to make sure live moves forward. But this comes with a price.

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A Narrow Path..

If you strive for excellence, for greatness and want that peak performance make no mistake. The road to success is very very narrow. It takes focus for prolonged periods of time on a consistent basis to build your dream.

And until you get there, you just don’t stop. You don’t give up. You might fail. But you’ve got to pick yourself up and try again. You do whatever it takes to keep moving forward. Winners don’t quit, and quitter never win.

..Loose From Distractions

The price of ambition comes down to giving up the life as you know it. Especially letting go of all the distraction that are fun and cool, but don’t advance you towards your goal. This doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy and have fun.

But let’s be clear and be honest. 97% of the time you are distracted by the internet. Cut that out of the way and replace that time with action and building whatever it is you want. It’s simple, but not easy.


The hardest part in my humble opinion is not the difficulty of the task at hand. Nor is it the social pressure pushing you to do the things you ‘should’ do. The single most toughest things is dealing with uncertainty.

You never now if what you are doing will work out or gives you the results you are looking for. There is no boss or teacher to tell you what to do and rewards or gives you a sticker afterward. No. It’s all on you.

And all your life you’ve been trained to follow, to do as you where told. And this makes it scary..

Make it work

In the end, you’ve just got to make it work. You can whine and complain all you want. You can think about it all you want. But until you execute and get your elbows in the mud you’re better off working for a meager hourly wager.

And rightfully so, because dabblers and people who hesitate never won a war.

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Hack on!

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