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So, I was at this special party right. With a couple of other DJs walking around. Throughout the night as you mingle you get to know each others story. But it wasn’t like: “Hey, you DJ too?” Surprisingly, none mixed the same genre. We got house music, techno, urban. While I heard them talk I started to wonder..”why on earth did I stop being a DJ.”

Everybody Wants to Be a DJ is the result of those conversations. Since I sold all my hardware, I don’t even have a mixer, I had to virtual DJ this piece together. Luckily,free DJ software is omnipresent on the internet. Finding a dj mixer online isn’t an issue. Now, you can DJ like a pro in no time. Don’t forget to edit and master you track afterward.


  1. The Three Corners of the Earth – The Fire Shall Devour Them
  2. M83 – Midnight City
  3. God Is an Astronaut – Forever Lost

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