Bob Marley “Come A Long Way” (1979) Interview by Dylan Taite

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Bob Marley ‘Come A Long Way’ documentary, made for New Zealand TV show ‘Good Day’, 1979.¬†Features the band’s soundcheck at Western Springs (spot Paul Crowther helping the keyboard player), Bob and band getting a traditional Maori welcome (spot Murray Cammick w his camera), and Dylan Taite’s extensive interview with the reggae superstar.

Taite pulled off the interview after apparently turning up at the band’s hotel (the White Heron in Parnell) with his football boots, ready to join in a game with Marley and his band.

That’s some great reporting.

Reporter: Dylan Taite
Camera: Wayne Vinten
Soundman: Tony Martindale
Director: David Baldock
Producer: Tony Hiles

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