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David Shands is a fashion mogul and inspirational leader. From employee to employer, David worked in various customer oriented industries by day while building his own apparel business by night.

He coined the phrase “Sleep is 4 Suckers” starting out with wristbands and a unique story, later evolving into a clothing line and way of life. A specialist in motivational speaking and mindset tailoring, David works to inspire and uplift many with his brand’s tag line: “If you lose sleep doing what you love, you will eventually live the dream that you only would have dreamt.

In a few short years, the “Sleep Is 4 Suckers” concept has evolved from selling t-shirt’s out of the back seat of his car, to selling his message on apparel across the globe. David lives by the “Sleep Is 4 Suckers” motto and has an entrepreneurial spirit that continues to garner recognition from his peers and others from all walks of life.

David stretches you and commands greatness from anyone who falls under the sound of his voice. Staying the same is never an option after an encounter with David Shands, and this book is no exception. So if you’re ready to make the transition from your job to your dream like David, we invite you into the pages of this well-written, easy to read work of art.


“I absolutely love this book. It’s an easy read with practical steps to move forward from idea to action. A book on how to become a better person in life and your entrepreneurship journey. There are so many life nuggets you must get the book. Thanks David for sharing this knowledge.”
– Denise

“David Shands is a great example of what happens when consistency and Grind meet positive and critical thinking. I love the no nonsense way that he presents the material as well. Plenty of gems and things you can take straight from the book and execute right away. Great job and as always #Sleepisforsuckers”
– Ron Daniels

“I heard about David Shands through an Eric Thomas video. I had to check him out to see what he was talking about. I thought that this was going to be just another “You can do it!” book but boy was I in for a treat! This is the book to success! It informs, educate, and lay out the guidelines on how to become successful in life! What I like the most is that Mr. Shands states that ANYBODY can do it! Thank you for you confirmation on what I was thinking. Now I’m on my way to achieve greatness because niw I know that Dreams ARE built over night!”
– Kayo

“Wish I would have known about and read this book sooner. This book is a must read for anyone who feels they are called to do more in life and desires to become an entrepreneur! David takes you on a journey through his life experiences while leaving you with gems of practical knowledge along the way. Do yourself a favor and get this book.”
– J.B.

Dreams Are Built Overnight

tlp magazine

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"Stop chasing your dreams. Start building them." Don't worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the worlds needs is people who have come alive. Can't wait to drive my own Model S P100D.
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