Lifehacked: How One Family from the Slums Made Millions Selling Apps

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Allen Wong

Allen Wong is living proof of the american dream. He drives a Lamborghini and a Tesla Model S. He even did a series on the Model S drag racing various exotic cars. And winning! Except for the Lamborghini, it’s still een beast.

Wong’s story is about hard work and what it takes to become a millionaire. Riding on the wave of the internet Allen is an exquisite programmer. In his youth, he is still young nevertheless, he once hacked a online multiplayer game getting directly to the source code.

Hard work beat talent if talent doesn’t work hard.

But riches might not come in one lifetime. His father set an example for his son who became a millionaire doing the same things and habits he got from his father. Reading books, helping out in the community and providing service to his neighbors where central among Wong’s household.

What does that old adage say again? When you have more than you need build a bigger table – not a higher fence.

Allen Wong also displays his competitive mindset when it came to the number one spot in the AppStore. While building the app that ultimately turned into an impressive cashflow Allen noticed a copycat. One who did an almost equally great job, but lacked the creativity to secure the top stop.

What personally gave me room for thought was that becoming a millionaire does have to come in your life time. If you set up the foundation just right excellence might sprout among your own kids. Start thinking about a legacy. They beauty of our time is that, however, becoming a millionaire might prove to be more simple and attainable today.

But why are other people not millionaires then? “Well, because they are not putting in the effort.” according to Allen Wong.


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