Machiavelli’s Advice For Nice Guys

Machiavelli was a 16th century Florentine political thinker with powerful advice for nice people who don’t get very far his thought pivots around a central uncomfortable observation that the wicked tend to win and they do so because they have a huge advantage over the good they are willing to act with the darkest ingenuity […]

Felix Dennis – Can You Get Rich?

It’s true, You Can Be Rich so can you get rich can you build your own business empire it’s true you can be rich you can build your business into an empire you can do it anyone of reasonable intelligence who lives in a Western democracy can do it given sufficient motivation and application and […]

Eerste Tesla-Supercharger van Noord-Nederland

Tesla Supercharger Drachten Niet vanzelfsprekend, maar zeker geen verrassing. Drachten heeft de Tesla supercharger primeur van Noord-Nederland. Met 8 superchargers kunnen Tesla rijders in korte tijd hun accu opladen. Kim Liebregts maakt uiteraard een korte verschijning voor de camera. Zo snel zit er weer genoeg stroom in. Even 10 minuten staan en je hebt weer […]

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