Arnold Schwarzenegger – Gym Motivation

gym motivation
why do you want to work out what is your
call the most important thing is that
you have a vision did you have a goal
because without that vision and without
that goal again you’re drifting around
and you’re never going to end up
people don’t become successful just by
accident you know I mean maybe the guy
that found gold in California and
started the gold rush but don’t count on
that’s a one-in-a-lifetime kind of the
situation so you got to really have a
specific order to me to have that vision
that I want to be mr. universe they
don’t want to be the greatest
bodybuilder of all time that was a great
vision and that specifically to look
like reg Park and to be up down that
stage and to lift the trophy overhead
and to win the championship
over and over and over again so that was
a great core you have to have a coronary
doesn’t have to be that specific goal
but it has they have some core this is
why I always recommend to people sit
down take your time instead thinking
about why do you want to work out what
is your core and it can’t be as crazy as
it is it could be you know I want to
impress girls if that’s your call so be
it but it motivates you it could be that
you’re emulating a certain you know
bodybuilder or a certain football player
certain boxer whatever it is have those
pictures put all over the wall like I
did when I was a kid I put pictures of
rich pocket of Sonny Liston of the
boxers and of Ali and of power lifters
and weight lifters all over my bedroom
you know a wall so that everyday when I
go to sleep every day when I wake up and
look at those pictures and they motivate
me you need that motivation and then
therefore you have this kind of imprint
in front of you all the time and you
know exactly what you’re chasing
people always came up to mrs. why are
you smiling you’re working out five
hours a day you’re doing the same as the
other guys but the other guys have a
sour face they’re pissed off the Deaf to
do another rep or another set or
something I looked forward to I looked
forward to another thousand reps of
sit-ups I looked forward to another 500
pounds of a leg press o squad I look
forward to until my arms fall off why
because I knew that every rep did that
did and every set that I did and more
weights to the lifted I get one step
closer to turning that vision into
reality so I was turned on by that I was
excited I couldn’t wait to get to the
I remember that when I weighed 245
pounds and Bob Rafelson the director of
stay hungry said to me that I’m
interested in having you come in for
reading and working you’re acting in
orders because I mean it’s not having
you in a movie to start with the Jeff
Bridges and with Sally Fields I was
delighted about that I was excited
that’s a pumping of one word and then he
said but I don’t want it the way more
than 210 pounds he want me to be in the
movie but I’m waiting to 45 to 46 I see
I just won the Olympia I say in 1970 was
1974 and I was really at my biggest and
but he demanded that and he says look
it’s very simple and the day we start
surely this is I’m gonna put you on the
scale and if you don’t make the to tell
you out because I have someone else in
mind and I worked on it I started
visualizing myself very clearly as a
lean athlete because that’s the only way
I could lose that weight and all of a
sudden get interested in running more
because up until the point I ran like
three miles after training or before
training over him but now I said it was
five miles six mile seven miles eight
miles and they were even ran mini
marathons in order to lose the weight
and they did everything in high reps
that was watching my diet what I eat
notice kind of things and birthday the
day before I remember we went Birmingham
Alabama the day before was at the YMCA
with Bob Rafelson
he was swimming and I was working out
and it was running there was a tractor
that was running he says let’s step on
the scale and I stepped on the scale and
the way 209 so it just shows you what is
possible if you visualize exactly what
you want to look like
and there was no room for any kind of
like about I can get my act together or
anything like this
because there’s only a certain amount of
time but the key thing again is have the
clear vision have the specific core of
what you want to accomplish because then
you never go to the gym and you say the
day I feel down a little bit I don’t
know what it is all about in my life I’m
no I tell you that I was a perfect
example of someone that was not
confident at all I mean when I was a kid
that was just like any other kid that
Hang Ups and problems and orders but
when I joined the weightlifting Club and
I want my first little trophy because
they did the best clean jerk and then we
went to another meet and they won
another little trophy I started feeling
like somebody but the bottom line is
everyone can use the same method because
I used it in politics I used it in
making money I used it in everything
that I’ve done in the movie business
when you have one little victory little
victories add up and that is what gives
you then ultimately confidence well for
me the most important thing always to
have a deadline so when I for instance
had a competition and let’s say the
competition was in the middle of
September and it was now beginning of
summer so there was no more time to
screw around so there was the time now
to get going on a diet to get going with
the training to not slack off at all
because it was a deadline there the day
of the competition I had to be in the
best shape possible and I knew that if I
come to the
addition and then lose because I did not
schedule my training the proper way or I
didn’t have the right frame of mind or I
didn’t give everything delivering worked
my butt off I will be just so angry so I
never wanted to be in that situation so
this is why it was very important to
pick that time and to say this is when I
have to be in top shape then the work
towards that but it’s not just with the
competition I mean they’re always the
same in the movie business
I mean to me was always a big advantage
when I said okay my movie starts on
April 1 and I have not three months so I
have to get really in great shape so he
picked those times he could also be that
there’s no movie and you have no mr.
Lampe oh no Miss America no mr. universe
coming up on any of those things but you
say to yourself the summer starts in
June I’m gonna go to the beach in June
and at that time I want to be in great
shape so that creates an urgency that
makes you really start to training I’ve
been taking it seriously because if you
don’t have a specific plan then you
wander around them and you can have as
I’ve told you many times the best chip
or the best plane in the world but if
you don’t have a specific goal where you
want to go and when you want to get
there you just drift around and you
never get anywhere so this is why this
is important to create the virgin’s you
have a specific time when you want to be
in shape well I mean look everyone has a
problem with
but the day is 24 hours and we sleep six
I know there’s some out there that save
over war
I need eight but I say to sleep a little
faster because the bottom line is we
have six hours of sleep 24 hours are
available so if 18 hours now available
to you Brooke
your family your hobbies and also to
learn something new or to do something
new which could easily be that you want
to learn a new language or that you want
to read as a New Year’s resolution I
have to read a book every week but where
you say I’m gonna go and reshape my body
so you’re gonna go and take this hour
out of your schedule and say I’m gonna
train an hour every day so this is for
most people if you a huge challenge but
it is totally doing where I can tell
them because the kind of things that I
did when I came to this country I mean I
went to school I was working on
construction I was working out my five
hours a day I was taking acting classes
from 8 o’clock at night to 12 midnight I
was doing all of those things I wanted
to make sure that out of the 24 hours of
the day that I don’t waste one single
hour those hours were too precious and
so they’ll just want to tell people
don’t give me this thing I have a
difficult time with the time and I don’t
have time for this none of that you have
time you make the time
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