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A Reason To Wake Up And Why You Want To Live

Look at the future from a stand point of probabilities. Life is like a branching stream of probabilities. And there are action that we can take that can affect those probabilities. Becoming a space fairing civilization is not an inevitability.

People are mistake that technology automatically improves. It does not automatically improve.



get up in the morning and you want to live. like why do you want to live what’s the point what inspires you what what you love about the future. And if we’re not out there if a future is not include being out there among the stars and being a multi-planet species I find out that it’s incredibly depressing if that’s not the future that we’re going to have.
Look at the future from a standpoint of probabilities it’s like it’s like a branching stream of probabilities and there are actions that we can take that affect those probabilities. Becoming a multi pen species in space prank civilization this is not inevitable. It’s very important to appreciate this is not inevitable.
If you look at the progress and space in 1969 were able to send somebody to the moon. 1969. Then we had just the space shuttle the
space shuttle could only take people to
low-earth orbit then a space shuttle
retired and the United States could take
no-one to open so that’s the trend the
trend is like down to nothing

because I mistaken what when they think
that technology just automatically
improves it does not automatically
improve it only improves if a lot of people work
very hard to make it better by itself be brave actually

you look at great civilizations like ancient Egypt and they will to make the firm is I make you thought how to be back and in the Romans it will be incredible Africa they forgot how to do it

I think I think the the value of getting inspiration is very much underrated no question but I want to be clear I like I’m not trying to be anyone Savior that is not the bait I just trying to think about the future and not be sad

a wealth a well-thought-out critique of whatever you’re doing is as valuable as gold
that third failure in a row did you think I
need to pack this in so why not I don’t
ever give up I mean I’d have to be dead
or vervain faster eight weeks later must
bet the company on another flight we
have liftoff this time around everything
worked perfect

that poor force hadn’t work that would have been it we would not have to resource
kisses logically coming old salutes
later works some of the things I’ve
described already have a very important
in really an obsessive nature with respect to the quality of kitronik we really really like you what you do whatever area that you get interview even that even if you’re the best event the boys have had to fail so I think it’s important that you really like whatever you do you don’t like it like it before
when my brother and I were starting come first company instead of getting a public we just rented a small off difference and we spent on the couch he had just one year so the website up during the day and I was turning at night seven days a week all the time
you just keep going and get it done.

work like hell I mean you just have to put in you know eighty hour and you don’t hurt our reach every week if other people are putting in forty hour work weeks and you’re putting in 100 hour work weeks you will achieve in four months when it takes them a year
at which it natural human tendency is wishful thinking so a challenge for entrepreneurs is say well what’s the difference between really believing in new ideals and sticking sticking to them versus pursuing some unrealistic dream that doesn’t actually have merit
your product or service needs to be much better can’t be a little bit better so all those things include the obvious is that God might sort of drive to get it done is somewhat disconnected from hope enthusiasm or anything else I just I actually don’t care about how busy as a motivation just give her give it everything I’ve got irrespective of what the circumstances may be

it’s been 15 years to get to this point saying this a long time a lot of difficult steps long way creating a company is almost like having a child so it’s sort of like how do you say your child should not have food even if it’s a Bruins you yeah
I remember waking up the Sunday before Christmas on a 2008 and thinking myself and I never thought I’d someone who could ever be capable of nervous breakdown and that I felt this was the closest I’ve ever come
so many people try to talk me out of starting her own company it was it was crazy one good friend of mine collected a whole series of videos of rockets blowing up and maybe watch
though just didn’t want me to lose all my money and in the end I had to invest everything and as was borrowing money from friends and pay the rent
what we’d like to do is to establish a city on Mars and help make humanity a multi-planet species and a true spacefaring civilization that’s the ultimate goal now that’s saying we will do it I’m just saying we’re going to try you had that third failure in a row did you think I need to pack this in
Never. I don’t ever give up.
NASA cold and told us that we’d won a one and a half billion dollar contract if you need inspiring words don’t do it
I think wishful thinking is innate in the human brain. having civilization and life as we know it extend beyond Earth to the rescue solar system and ultimately to other star systems that that subset the future that’s exciting and inspiring. You need of any things like that to make to be glad to wake up in the morning we’re doing these things that seem unlikely to succeed and if we’ve been fortunate and at least first of all they have succeeded at
life can’t be this without solving problems like to have a few things that are inspiring and exciting that make you glad to be alive I also believe you out there among the stars that’s actually been a very difficult journey had to say here’s a path to do it even if that path has a lot of danger associated with it risk and maybe it won’t succeed
why it’s important and even if the odds are that it wouldn’t succeed it’s worth trying to do it I just incredibly proud of SpaceX team for able to achieve this incredible milestone in the history of space

this place X has got five five thousand people and I get a lot of attention but I there really do the work so it or something
I think we’re at the dawn of a new era and and it’s I think it’s going to be very exciting what we’re hoping to do with SpaceX is push the envelope and provide a reason people to be excited and aspire to be human.
he managed to do three launches but they failed and actually only had money for the three launches we were anxious that was the original plan of the world after three if we haven’t succeeded well yeah maybe that should be but that’s it we managed to scramble and put together the parts for one final launch and it work.
every now and again will scrap the company with I think this will be one of those times
I think it’s important that humanity become a multi-planet speaking I think most of you would agree that a future where we’re a spacefaring civilization is inspiring and exciting compared with one where we are forever confined to it and so some eventual extinction event
that that’s really why I try to state that what I’m planning to do is to make a significant difference in consider flight end and help make space life accessible to almost anyone
when something is important enough you do it even if bugs not in your presence. you know there are American heroes who don’t like this idea I was very sad to do that because those guys are yeah you know those guys are heroes of mine so it’s really tough
no I wish they would come and visit and see the hardware that we’re doing here and I think that would change their minds.

the rules today incent people to create carpet and this is madness and whatever you incent will happen. It’s very important that we take action today to recognize that we are making a very significant change to the chemical constituency of the atmosphere and the oceans and one that is almost impossible to reverse you know when we look back on on these days in the future we want to be able to say that we did the actions that were were right the actions that that were important 20 30 40 years in the future what do you say to your kids or grandkids
scientists all say that these bad things are going to happen like 97% so like say well to your grandkids or kids like well could nobody tell you it’s like no everyone was telling us. so why didn’t you do anything. what’s down sir. I think it’s very important that we do something and depending upon how what what action we take will drive the carbon number to give extreme or moderate levels. I think it’s pretty much a given that at the two-degree the increase will occur the question is whether it’s going to be much more than that. And a percentage relative to absolute zero it’s only a plus minus two percent change the sensitivity of the climate is extremely extremely high we’ve amplified this sensitivity by building our cities right on these on the coastline. it based on the projections that we’re seeing right now these like I took arguably best case projections we’re going to see significant rises in temperature and sea level. if we don’t take action we could be you know anywhere from five to ten percent maybe maybe more of the land mass absorbed by water about a third of humanity lives right on the on the coastline or in low-lying countries. so we’d be talking about maybe two billion people being displaced and and their homes being destroyed in their countries being gone. so I think we should take action
the reason that the transition is delayed northward voice is happening slowly is because there is a hidden subsidy on all carbon producing activity. the net result is 35 gigatons of carbon per year into the atmosphere. best case is simply delaying that inevitable transition to sustainable energy. there’s going to be no choice in the long term to move to sustainable energy its sorta logical we have to have sustainable energy or simply run out of the other one.
the only thing we gain by slowing down the transition is it is just slowing it down it does it doesn’t make it not occur and it just slows it down the worst case however is more displacement and destruction and all the wars in history combined but you know about three percent of scientists that believe in the best case about 97 percent that believe in the worst case. This is why I call it the dumbest experiment in history.
the goal is to exit the area as quickly as possible. but the new goal is to move to a sustainable energy future and we want to use energy sources that will be good for a billion years.
so what can you do I would say whenever you have the opportunity talk to the politicians ask them to enact a carbon tax we have we have to fix the unpriced externality I’ll talk to your friends about it and buy some propaganda from the carbon industry so I think you have tremendous power do you have the power to make the change we get we can actually tell you we definitely can’t beat the oil and gas industry on lafayette exxon makes more profit in a year than the value of the entire solar industry. There’s no way you can win on money as possible. This is not the only important issue but it is I think the thing that will have the biggest negative effect on humanity if we do not address it. Unless something changes very quickly the sustainable energy will still be in a bad situation five years from now.
If it’s the right thing to do for the future the country should just do it and don’t worry about what other countries are doing. Just do the right thing.



Sustainable Energy And The Dumbest

“Depending upon what action we take will drive the carbon number to either extreem or moderate levels. I think it’s pretty much a given that the 2 degree C increase will occur. The question is will it be much more than that.

The only thing we gain by slowing down the transitions is just slowing it down. It doesn’t makes it not occur. It just slows it down. The goals is to exit the era as quickly as possible.

You have tremendous power. You have the power to make the change. We can’t beat the oil & gas industry on lobbyists. This is not the only important issue, but it is the thing that has the greatest negative effect on humanity if we not address it.

If it’s the right thing for the future a country should just do it and do worry about what other countries are doing. Just do the right thing.”

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