Tyrone Spong Fights Badr Hari “If The Money Is Right”

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Remy Bonjasky Reprimands Glory Fans For Booing At Hesdy Gerges

Well the main event was a nice main event. A lot of fans for Badr. The only thing that was not nice was the booing against Hedsy. But it was a good fight, a good clean fight and they both showed a lot of heart.

Regarding Badr Hari. I think he need one or two fights more to get into the fight rhythm. Then it will be a great fight. I’m hoping for that he will take one or two fights. Right now he’s strong, but he’s still missing some fight rhythm.

Tyrone Spong

I think it was a very entertaining fight for the fans. Both guys came to fight and obviously you saw a little bit of Ring Rust and I thought that Hesdy was a little bit careful, which is understandable after his last fight. But I think it was a good fight for the fans.

My honest opinions is that Badr Hari has to work on his overall game and his stamina. But you know with Badr is he has the power. All it takes is one punch. Rico is in his prime and in great shape right now. So it’s gonna be a hard fight.

Badr Hari’s Next Kickboxing Match

While Bonjasky is retired Tyrone Spong is the one qualified to fight against Badr Hari. When asked about it Spong made a rather interesting statement:

All they got to do is send me a check. I’m a prizefighter, I fight for money.
So you figure it out you know.

Glory, it’s time to discuss this investment opportunity.

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