“Sleep Is For Broke People” 50 Cent

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yourself is you kid 50 cent right here again is cocaine City I stay on a hot shit you know I’m self fucked over DVDs but everything got my circulation if you really want to know what the fuck reason why you’ll see me on over shit you understand I’m saying bookkeeping world from nothing right here the minimum all fucking Manhattan I only look like Madeline projects right there right I mean stay fucked up over there – you know I’m Sam but it’s all good you know say we out here.

make me Meg work does I’ll be looking at niggas like I understand why I don’t get it nah me these won’t pop oh he’s not oh I have a problem out there’s no problems anymore you know why because I’m at a problem value do they taking it I like the fat joke nigga you kidding me. I took it along the street right now and make him make the money back Joe make right now and do you know what I tell him how to get comfortable I’m sorry but this is over if you don’t deal with that situation the situation you got is over then it’s a pop go the weasel you already know what time it is cuz niggas is hungry you watching this shit right now when you waiting on your shot and you know because you would do it. and the act like it’s a problem is it problem then I’ll dispose of these niggas conveniently tos and they determinate on site a green I said they’re green.

you asked me a question five you ask me why fuck you and we put so many questions I understanding that I just sat down I thought about it I said ding I’m from the same corner another nigga from and I need to get up off that corner and start bringing in a hundred big ones anymore fucking I’m not talking about $100 Nigam tomorrow honey yNN’s nigga I’m more fucking we have our questions too right. supposed out of the motherfucking question but niggas always act like doing Stan what’s going on I’ll be turning straight up I’ve given the game that’s a gift you go baby and you know what they do they look at me like I’m trying to pull a fast one. you know I’m saying I’m gonna get you right out there used it once I beg you one time hitting late I’m gonna let you go and go do it if you can fucking keep your head together enough to get yourself in a position but I mean you won’t play stupid bitch stupid stay stupid stay broke you know I’m Stan’s my motto you understand I’m saying for me I’m gonna take it in I’m a zorb anything is going on and get what I can get in school for the shit stupid ain’t no school for this shit.

You got to be smart enough to pick up the information as you go. -50 Cent

now the crazy shit as niggas it look like you’re doing something wrong why the fuck have you got finally negative could tell you that I own some one nigga fine one nigga nigga say y’all ready to 5000 me suck or he won’t call you boo boo because he want like he knew me before we actually got on and shit like that if you were finding it is that on something word to mama I’ll give him whatever you say out on but cuz I can’t remember a nigga doing nothing for me okay. now I’m one fuckin say you crazy nigga call me crazy you know I’ll be single when they say that nigga sound crazy I’ll be thinking yell I was crazy enough to believe what the fuck I was saying going happens going that’s why I was persistent enough and consistent enough to exist now filling I’m saying so later all y’all can check it out I’m the ending if you reading 48 laws of power Robbie green now you read the 50th law cuz I don’t got with Robbie green to create the new shit for you to read nigga Sam Sam hey I need come on man play with me that she’ll go through changes a war the art of seduction come on all that shit come from the hood me it’s a parallel between corporate America and the hood and it’s obvious you see me winning don’t you and fucking old Thomas is looking like your name the old boy he took a page out of my book but then make all of that fuckin money off it that I made off it so what that makes me I made me a better version of them niggas. Those old-school niggas EMU checkout page magazine felling magazine fucking dawned even all that shit for real you get ready a nigga just wanna reflect on the glory days. Big I had 10 breaks in my head – I bought you go watch didn’t up no ahead shit tell me that shit so I’m saying now I just disappoint right here where I don’t want sending home who had him and oh god you know more really I think them books is there in order to make niggas remember that shit cuz they ain’t ready to do that shit they did then now he said I’m saying so now they want to reflect on that shit so they can make the young boys be like the day that harder that’s serious so they put it in like that and then they get the young boy to do anything ain’t fucking doing nothing to explain me like I’m wrong coming up niggas it’s like yo who wouldn’t movie with me nickel my myself now doing the fuck I wanted yes now I’m saying that the young you just love me they love me know I love me big date Lake Hillier baby and even I don’t play basketball days smelling then we were saying we come over the sand corners we had much the other son said you just got a hustle they all go hard maybe you’re playing games man niggas got love don’t get it trust me I don’t get mines I’m gonna but Johnny knows any bullshit I’m shooting me over sue stepped on my shoe type shit oh he fucking saying bitch I put hidden you gotta up your game saying bitches from somewhere else oh man rose shit I don’t know decisioning it man go to my hood knew that yo now I believe it fuck out here don’t do this Nicki fucking my talk it’s Nick oh you know my grandfather told me you’ll get as far as the muffle you talked to for no reason you’ll be successful as a motherfucker if you talk to no bees what I mean is if you spending your day talking to a nigga then got nothing going on what the fuck kind of information could he offer you can he help you learn something can he teach you something in the conversation leave me the fuck alone man niggas

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