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It’s true, You Can Be Rich

so can you get rich can you build your own business empire it’s true you can be rich you can build your business into an empire you can do it anyone of reasonable intelligence who lives in a Western democracy can do it given sufficient motivation and application and the first lesson is that you can only get rich if you believe if you believe in yourself you must believe you must you must believe that we wanted to do it for you you will not believe in yourself then why should anyone believe in you absolute belief in yourself is vital if you are to succeed absolute belief in yourself despite all your faults many of which you will not know all your weaknesses despite what your parents and teachers told you despite what your colleagues and friends tell you despite what your lover tells you despite your own failures up to now despite everything that life has thrown at you if you will only banish fear and fear of failure to the darkest recesses of your heart you can do it and no one could stop only you stop yourself we will fear failure I fear it still I have always feared it but such fear itself is not the problem it is the paralysis that comes from such fear which is the real problem the paralysis that grows into a mountain you shrink from climbing that fear is real the fear of embarrassing yourself or people laughing at you of letting down yourself and your family and your colleagues and maybe even your employees the fear of losing the money that you borrow or begged or stole fear of failing in the open there is nowhere to hide and no one else to blame this is the fear you must confront but you must entice capture chained and eventually padlocked into a secret chamber of your soul it will still call to you it calls to me you will hear its echo from time to time believe me but by then you will be so far up so close to the goal of getting reach that it’s cries will only serve to spur you on rather than paralyzing you with that confront fear of failure confront it head-on stare it straight in its ferrule I wrestle with it master the master it is you batter it into submission and harness it into becoming your secret weapon a gold scourge to keep you working longer hours than your friends can believe harder than your colleagues comprehend harder than you ever drew to come back years to come you will thank that fear and fear that drove you toward you what’s impossible you have to have a clear understanding what it is your time to do and you must understand step by step how you are going to do it I’m going to do this if that fails I’m going to fall back and do that now I’ve got to do this and I got to get that you have to have a clear methodology in front of you that does not mean you’re fretting the business and ridiculous things that I receive about 40 or we pop you know business plans shown me you know how we’re all going to become a multi-billionaire no mind all that you have got a clear understandable what it is you’re going to do and the scripture on the tape to do it and then you have to add I need to go in with a partner or just entirely on your arm go to a place go to a place on your own and okay where it is I know care if it’s in front of your chimney or oh you go out in the middle of the new forest I don’t care go to a place swear to yourself not give in until they bankrupt me while you never give in on your goal you know where you’re trying to reach what you’re trying to do I make more money than your neighbor you might have to change the methodology if Sonny isn’t working yeah then what sorts the man or woman that is gonna be rich from the man a woman who’s just gonna have tried it once failed and dream about is your ability as with all human activity to adapt so you’re going to say okay you know this isn’t working we gotta change our methodology we’ve got to change direction we’ve got to try something else that’s going to make this band playing what and if you’re willing to do that and keep trying you know listening to everybody that you know who’s got any kind of sense whatever that you trust within you know this particular industry or whatever and and and if you’re willing to change until it starts working then they cannot stop you for the very simple reason that in the end you will get it right and I had to do that many times many of the magazines I started were complete jobs silly useless and we all got together and yeah and we talked about it we start to listen to our readers and we realize and what we were doing was completely wrong it’s amazing how often entrepreneurs get the right idea and wrong methodology and just go about it completely wrong so can you get rich can you build your own business Emma is it a delusion to believe that so-called ordinary men and women can within not so many years to what I did what did I do I went from being a failed blues musician and an art student that in a crummy bedsit without the price of a pint of beer in my pocket let alone the money to pay my landlady the rents into becoming one of the richest men in Britain or so for Sunday Times Rich List tells us I went from being a high school dropout without a penny of capital or the benefit of a university education to owning my own business flying around in private jets purchasing massive homes and estates with thousands of acres of land around the world being chauffeured in a fleet of Rolls Royces and Maybachs and drinking the finest wine that money can buy from my own cellars oh yeah if you want to my money then make decision that you do and go ahead game runner and another thing have stoppable I swear that nothing in this sir stop on a par from the dead oh nothing

most of the people that got fantastically rich in the Western world the last couple of hundred years we’re not very clever they don’t have to be clever

"Stop chasing your dreams. Start building them." Don't worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the worlds needs is people who have come alive. Can't wait to drive my own Model S P100D.
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