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whatup Luke here from beautiful Hollywood Hills this is where I spent about half of my time rather than Las Vegas this is a place that we have amazing sick parties at a place that I really cultivated through social circle blueprint techniques and tactics and different mental mindset shifts these are the same exact techniques I’m going to show you and these in these videos and in social circle blueprint and if you just keep watching these YouTube videos you’re gonna really kind of find some ways that you can some nitty gritty details you can kind of pull apart and put into your own life to build your exact life of what you want it’s really all about lifestyle design at the end of the day anyway one of the big things that people keep coming up and asking me in the past few days especially is how to avoid being the nice guy they say they see me doing all these edgy kind of things they see me doing all these crazy kinds of things they see me you know jumping off of boats in Cabo they see me throwing wild ragers till 7 a.m. at my la house they see me you know going to nightclubs all time in Vegas and it’s like how do you jump out of that nice guy kind of trap and what I want to do is dive into just a few concepts here that you can kind of add if you seem to be fall into that nice guy trap a few too many times we’re gonna see if you actually are being a nice guy if we were just being this meek passive guy and you actually need to up your break and rapport game and let’s dive in and actually get it in the degree of what that actually means a lot of guys come up and ask me either verbally at a bootcamp or hot seat or randomly in the street or in a nightclub or over the social circle blueprint telegram chat or on Facebook how do I avoid being the nice guy if you are sitting at home and thinking about how you are too nice or you’re being too meek you’re being too much of the nice guy what usually that is going on in your mind is well how to become the other thing how do they then become this aggressor this direct this this badass how do I become this asshole that everyone says that girls like the problem with that is that it’s always this kind of balancing act it’s not about being too nice it’s about not being edgy enough it’s about not balancing love or provider attraction and comfort when you balance trust with edginess then what you end up having is this perfect balance of of rapport and making over pour that sparks the attraction when you start realizing that there is no amount of you being nice or kind to a girl that’s too much it’s really just a lack of the edginess then you are able to master that perfect balance in fact when you kind of pour on the trust-building when you start realizing that being too nice you start realizing that being too kind actually is just increasing the trust meter kind of like we’re picking up health packs in a video game you’re just increasing the health you’re increasing the trust and the the emotional equity between you and the other person whether that’s through commonality building or you’re just kind of a nice person that really kind of hones in on what being too much of a nice guy really means being too much of a nice guy doesn’t really mean usually that you’re very nice it usually just means that you’re passive meek you have a lot of passivity to your life that you just kind of go unnoticed the nice guy isn’t necessarily running around just throwing out all these nice things to people usually the nice guy is just fucking boring and that’s why girls don’t like the nice guy it’s ludicrous and ridiculous to think that girls don’t like nice guys the problem is that by being this nice passive guy you’re usually then also not very intense aggressive edgy risky fun and all the other amazing things that women like and enjoy so what you really want to do is be that tight rope of excitement and energy is where essentially you’re leading the girl down this tightrope where you’re doing borderline risky things you’re having fun you’re being loose you don’t take yourself too seriously but then you provide this nice guy netting underneath of safety protection and that’s what is an abling good effective nice guy don’t let yourself think that being the nice guy is actually just this passive meat kind of thing you can be a nice guy by doing Savera snice trust-building things you can build commonalities with the girls you can do very very respectful things with them you can still hold the door open it’s like that what that mean says you want to hold the door open and smack her ass on the way through it’s kind of this tongue-in-cheek kind of Instagram meme that’s gone around many many times and does its circles to the Instagram news feeds it’s this idea that she doesn’t want you to be just nice and she else doesn’t want you to be this asshole she wants you to have this back where you know when to be nice and then when to be a little bit more edgy and by being an asshole what that means is by having boundaries that means that you do fun in the moment things it doesn’t mean that you’re being mean-spirited that’s where you have to draw the line if you’re having fun and someone’s expense and you’re making someone feel badly about themselves then that’s not good that’s a big difference than joking it’s a big difference then bringing her into the joke by bringing her into the tease and now having it be this thing where you’re both participating on this upward trajectory oftentimes guys who think that they’re being the nice guy oftentimes when you are thinking that you might just be being too nice it oftentimes means you’re just not sexually escalating at all instead use the nice guy that you have inside of you and be this trust building rapport building this guy who she knows is always gonna take care of things is always going to make sure that you know where to go and you really have a pulse on the environment that you’re really aware of your surrounding and you’re observing what’s going on around you but then in the exact same time you’re willing to kind of take some detours in the interaction that’s the same exact time you’re willing to go for that kiss if you want to go for the kiss the same the same exact time while you’re still being the nice guy at the end of the night you’re going to say hey let’s go back to my place let’s go grab drinks back in my place let’s go watch that movie back at my place that you’re still able to move the ball forward you can be as nice as you want you can be the most nicest guy in the absolute world as long as you’re willing to say at the end of that interaction let’s go grab a drink at my place and chill in my hot tub if you’re willing to say let’s go chill in my hot tub at 3:00 in the morning then it doesn’t matter at all how nice you are earlier in the interaction it’s not being a nice guy that’s fucking you up it’s you saying have a good night it was a fun knowing you that’s what’s fucking you up if instead you’re this amazing nice guy throughout the whole interaction and then you are nice enough to lead her hand directly into the hot tub at 3:00 a.m. and then nice enough to wrap the towel sitting right next to hot tub around her body to warm her up and then nice enough to grab a glass of champagne for as you lead her up your stairs straight up into your bedroom then that’s the nice guy that she wants to know that’s nice guy that she wants to date she wants to know the nice guy that’s willing to interact with her friends she wants to know the nice guy that’s willing to meet her guy friends and not be jealous and insecure that’s how you go from being a nice guy to the nice guy that she wants to date now that you know that being a nice guy isn’t what’s being the problem it’s you’re not having an edge to you that actually is the problem and creating this perfect balance between building rapport and breaking rapport I want to explain to you a few things that you can do to actually build a little bit more attraction into your game and be just a lot more likable in general in all of your social interactions whether you’re doing cold approach or social circle game as if there’s really a difference anyway what I want you to really understand is that you want to create this cognitive dissonance and these bursts of attraction you want to create these peaks of breaking rapport and then these valleys of investment comfort building kind of rapport so you do to break rapport is you disqualify her from you you say I think things like that’s exactly why it’s not gonna work out between us because you live on the east side of town I live on the west side of town there’s no way it’s gonna work out you say that in jet you say that jokingly you say that in a teasing kind of way you’re not being completely serious but you’re also not just laughing your ass off you’re saying that almost like your hand was caught in the cookie jar you’re saying a little bit of smirk to you you’re saying it with a little bit of a tease if you have a struggle and if you have a challenge teasing like that then look yourself in the mirror and say a few of these teases to the mirror and see do you think you’re teasing because most guys and you might not fall into this trap but if you do fall into this trap really video yourself look at yourself in the mirror look at the reactions that girls are giving you when you’re eating look at the reactions when you tease the waitress when you’re getting coffee look at the reactions when you tease the barista really understand are they getting the fact that you’re teasing or oftentimes are they just kind of answering your joke as if what you’re saying isn’t the tease at all you might have to make that a little bit more energetic extroverted you might have to open up your teases just a little bit more that’s just one example of breaking rapport but to avoid that nice guy trap you just have to add in at these breaks and report if a girl says hey can you handle it can you hold on to this for a second instead of just immediately saying sure just say no no fucking way and then of course you have to rebuild a comfort up so the way you do build that up is you’d say I’m just playing of course I will here give it to me that back and forth that balance of no I’m not gonna hold that who do you think I am then that that look of aghast that that look of shock and horror when she’s wondering why you’re such a dick and then when you say of course I got that I got your back we’ve known each other for years and then you actually hold on to it that’s what’s gonna propel the interaction forward because then you’re leveling out that balance of comfort and attraction when you’re able to really balance that comfort an attraction then was up happening is you build both at the same time and then you have very memorable interaction and then you can carry that into good vibes between you and the girl there are loads of ways to break up or if you’re the nice guy you probably have a typical nice guy appearance probably have either the button-up or khakis or other type of things that symbolize a nice guy you want to look at the appearance of guys that seem like they would be guys who are too nice and then you want to look at guys who are super fucking edgy the guys who are going to nightclubs and they’re clearly dressed like a fuck-boy they’re just like a promoter they’re just like an edgy type of person what you want to do is you wanna identify what are the comfort building traits of the nice guy and what are the edgy traits of the fuck-boy promoter all the guys who are dressing them maybe even too edgy and then you want to pull apart these pieces and then create your own kind of physical style and physical appearance that breaks rapport and punches through the wall that gets the woman’s attention that gets her understanding that you do have a nice side but then you are willing to be a little bit more aggressive that you are willing to be a little bit edgier you want to make sure that you break rapport with your verbage your disqualifiers playfully bantering and teasing how she might not actually be the one for you when you’re doing that in with an interaction and a girl you just met that’s where it’s kind of funny play with different ways on how to disqualify it’s definitely one of my favorite ways to tease and joke around when you break rapport with your style what ends up happening is you just create this a pair it’s edginess all around you when it’s clear that for example you wear an outfit that shows that you don’t have a normal 9 to 5 job when you wear clothing that’s definitely at the kind of the cutting edge of trendiness even if the clothing isn’t necessarily the most expensive you just start demonstrating clothing that’s slightly edgier clothing it’s slightly edgier be clothing has a little bit of a tighter fit longer t-shirts the tighter ankles at the bottom do all these different types of ways to increase the modernism to your clothing is going to create that trendiness ripped jeans in your pants you’re not exactly going to a work party if you’re wearing black tight jeans with rips in your pants it creates that edginess now that type of look isn’t necessarily for everybody it has to be tailored to you but the overarching scheme of things to understand and the macro mentality of that is that you’re breaking rapport with the given interaction that you are in so you have this nice guy base where you’re building up all of this comfort and then you have these moments of break and rapport where guys do this wrong and you see this every night you might even be this type of guy where you tease too much because you like the reaction it’s very easy when you get to an intermediate level in game and you start realizing that you like the interactions that you’re getting when you flirt really well when you tease really well you become this jokester where every girl you’re seeing you’re just teasing teasing teasing she’s laughing laughing laughing but in a certain point it’s almost like if you’re getting tickled and if the person never stops tickling you there’s no time to breathe then it just kind of deflates and it loses all of the all of the intensity if instead you tease and then back off a little bit go to a more serious conversation then do another break and rapport in another way then go back in a normal conversation and then tease a little bit further there winds of happiness you create this the situation we’re kind of always going up and down and up and down you’re creating this emotional rollercoaster throughout the conversation that you both can participate in that you both can get excited about and that’s where it becomes a very productive conversation in conclusion I want you to understand that if the cognitive dissonance it’s that friction that sparks the attraction not being an asshole not being this this silly fake bad ass kind of person this guy who’s just stunting or fronting like he’s this dominant aggressive kind person instead it’s the guy who has boundaries asserts his boundaries is willing to tease willing to walk away from an interaction those are the things that if you add that to a nice guy frame to a nice guy personality is what’s gonna win the game for you if you feel like you’re too much of a nice guy comment below and tell me one way that you can spark a little bit of attraction what’s your favorite way to break rapport is a disqualifying do you like to dress a little bit more edgy do you like to walk away from the interaction and build some social proof and kind of leave interactions a little bit short and build up the interaction kind of my style do you like to have a new way that maybe you’re thinking of to spark the interaction to be less of the nice guy put that below and let me know I thought we finally made it to wrapping projects back to back talking this is in Saks I was honestly confused why they will end out the records that they goes to now it’s like a breaks over

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