Self-discipline Explained By Will Smith And Friends


1. Choose Actions That Are In Your Own Best Interest

You cannot win the war against the world if you can’t win the war against your own mind. Self-discipline is the center of all material success. 99% of people are not willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true.

The Marines have a saying:

“everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die”

At the center of bringing any dream into fruition is self-discipline. Something as simple as food and eating. It is not about as much as your body as much as it is about your mind. It’s getting command of your mind to be able to choose actions that are in your own best interest.

2. Win The First Hour Of Your Day

A lot of people are just trying to change a lot of times like I just did a podcast on habits. right how to be able to adopt new habits and also delete and get rid of, break bad habits right.

And so a lot of people always want to make it usually make a change on behavior. they want to get themselves to workout they want to get them as I meditate they want to get themselves to read more each day and you want to give themselves to X. Or they want to stop some behavior they want to stop smoking they don’t stop eating this food they want to stop.

I always tell people stop checking your phone in the first hour of the day. you know you’ve heard this many times right if you win the first hour of the day you win the day.

3.Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Every day we are choosing shit that’s not in our own best interest right so if the world is attacking you and the world wants to fight you in the world’s trying to hold you down so you won’t kick yourself in the balls. So you will stop yourself from getting what you dream.

4.Change Your Environment As well

When I want to transform or transcend or make a real positive change I’m looking all the other areas of ourselves so I’m looking at for example our environment our people setting up their environment to win and you know social change doesn’t just happen at this level of behavior but what you have to change the environment

so for example if you want to stop eating a certain food it helps to be able to have not that I’d have that food in your home right as you change the environment

in life we must all suffer one of toupees the pain discipline or the pain of regret I’m asking you choose wisely

5. Get Things Done In A Systematic Way

Whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve in life the critical component is getting things done, and getting things done in a systematic way. Building the character that’s associated with getting things done in this systematic way requires that you become disciplined.

6. Self-discipline And Mental Fatique

If we live a lazy undisciplined life and we just give in to our feelings and we act on these emotional impulses we’re going to make very poor choices that we regret later on. We would be much better off to just discipline ourselves right now so that later on we don’t have to carry that heavy load of regret

I think a lot of people suffer from decision making fatigue right that then this is very strong research saying that you can only make a certain amount of good decisions a day and after that is spent you can anymore and that’s really been fine-tuned in the medical field with surgeons and such in terms of seeing their you know where they’re making their errors and stuff with early on in the day or later in their days and stuff like that but we also as entrepreneurs or as employees and executives or as parents we all can make us turn on decisions and that’s why you know people like Mark Zuckerberg or Tony Hsieh they wear the same t-shirts and and sweatshirts all the time because they don’t want to spend you know use up one of their decisions thinking Oh what am I gonna wear today right so

My goal is to streamline my put the routines the first hour day and the last hour today. I really micromanage it’s at a point where it’s habitual I don’t even have to think about it and then because those are the times a day where I could really have the most impact because later on it all day you know team members need this there’s firefighting this client needs that but the first hour in the last hour I really want to control.

So all this really helped develop grit and resilience you know in my body so I could have the ability to persevere.

You know so I stand guard to my brain all the time what goes in and I don’t watch so I like a lot of the negative news and all the unmarked and I really focus like you know I watch and I listen to your show and maybe a handful of little of things I read each day because I need to keep it positive. I want hope and I’m looking for help I’m looking for inspiration and also instruction.

7. Hold Yourself To A Higher Standard

Self-discipline is the definition of self-love. When you say that you love yourself that means that you have behavior towards yourself that is loved like you say to yourself a man look I know you want to eat that pizza and it’ll be really good you know but I can’t let you eat that man cuz if you eat that pizza you gonna feel like shit. I just I love you too much to let you eat that.

And I think the word discipline has kind of gotten a bad name. We think about it in terms of punishment. I’m not talking about it in that way. I’m talking about discipline in the sense that you forego immediate pleasure for the exchange of long term self-respect. Self-love is when you say to yourself man look I know you and that girl got a real connection I know y’all vibe but that’s your girl’s cousin so I love you too much to let you do that self-love is Hey look I know you got a test on Monday you know you really want to go out with your friends and Saturday night you want to go out but if you fail that test you’re not gonna feel good about yourself you know I just I love you too much to let you go out tonight. to myself discipline is self-love if you wanna be happy you have to love yourself which means you have to discipline your behavior.

The road to sustained happiness is through disciplining your behavior.

Good luck.

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