The Truth About Love And How You’ve Been Lied To By Modern Social Conditioning

rsd tyler freetour

In this vid you can expect:

  • INFIELD of me confessing my love to complete strangers.
  • Why you should learn success with women from PLAYERS.
  • How “GOOD MEN” that “PLAY FAIR” are SCREWED.
  • Absurd life stories of me before I found the pickup community.
  • Your Willingness to Walk Away = Healthy Relationship
  • and much, much more…

So, even if you are living your life in FULL PLAYER MODE currently, I urge you to watch this vid so you can set the correct mindset NOW and be ready if you eventually do want to get in a relationship.

Thanks for watching and I will see you soon!


P.S. Come out and meet me LIVE when I am in a city near you!


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