Why Isn’t Tesla Broke?

the purpose of this video is to understand the interesting financial situation Tesla’s in and learn more about how a company’s cash flow works in the process Tesla is burning money in 2017 their business has produced a net loss of more than 2.2 billion dollars with a revenue of around 12 billion dollars that’s […]

Tesla Model S In Action Video

I never used to be such a car lover. You know, those fancy cars average people just couldn’t afford. Or let’s make it the true American muscle cars, the European luxury cars and the Japanese exotic cars. The dream cars if you will. Then the Tesla Model S comes along. A next generation car. A zero […]

Tesla Model S

Some incredible footage of the Model S in Tesla’s distinguished red color. The interior is slik black with, of course, the 17″ touch screen. It’s a short video, because of the intro of the tune. I wanted to use the strings and there you have it, a short Model S promo video.

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